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Marketing support

We want to develop together with our business partners in order to fully exploit market potential. That is why every day we support our customers by guaranteeing professional service. Cooperation with our distributors is multidimensional. Our support comes from both Commercial Marketing Department and Brand Marketing Department. Our company is distinguished by working in effective organizational structures that help us make quick decisions and communicate effectively with each other.

We provide attractive promotions, loyalty programs, training and display systems.

We provide our distributors with necessary tools to support sales and exposure of products: shelves, displays, printed materials and POS at every stage of cooperation.

We also cooperate with distributors individually, according to customer potential and demand, offering, among others branding on storefronts, facades, cars, flags, billboards. We are always open to new ideas of our business partners. We carry out extensive promotional activities together with distributors: open days, picnics, training, special presentations

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